That's the way it is

Assalamualaikum people.
So long for no updates kan. being busy and yet, no time for updates and yet feel so so lazy for some reason.
Many "events" which happened in my life and as well as in the family. on September 16 my ummy and my the only one sister flying far away to London and for some reasons she's continuing her study for 1 year and ummy went here as her accompanied while she's searching a place for her stay in 1 year time. 2 weeks left for ummy came back here, Baba went there for 2 weeks and they safely arrived home on the 7th October.

so, this is the first ever in my life been separated for quiet loonngg length of time. but anyway, next year will be my turn for having my own long vacation.
Facing the final semester is not so cool as far as i know! being dragged by the feelings of wanted to end the study as soon as possible but then deep in my heart i still wanna be here and i don't think that i wanna end this moment.
but for how long do i've need to be at the same phase kan.
Most probably need to take a looked back at what i've done past years right!

Praying for the safety of kakak and hoping that she's always healthy indeed and yes, this year she's celebrating Raya Hai overseas and i can't wait for next year raya Aidilfitri which will bring tears of us in the family i think. and hopefully she will get and aim for her dreams. <3 font="font">

Dear kakak, being far away will teach you how you need to survived on your own.
this is the time to proved that u are capable being alone for some reason. and yes i know, Love will find the way. belief in your heart and never ever loose faith in Him. The more u seek and the more u will feel Him as the way u hoping Him to grant each of your prayers.
And i do feel your nonexistence especially during my 25th birthday and which before this i'm hoping that we gonna celebrate it togetha but somehow, i know that's the best thing for your life and i'm very proud of you and thank you for making me strong in facing this route alone. 


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