Cebisan salji....

Assalamualaikum once again.
currently updating the blog while during finals exam..
berbaki 3 lagi paper and its gonna end. 
but then there is no holiday for me like most of the students.
will be spending my time working here :)
jadi, bergembira lah seadanya selagi mampu ye.
menghabiskan masa di rumah seketika sambil menonton drama korea yang baru saja habis episodnya.. LOVE RAIN <3
yeah.. dimana elok untuk menenangkan fikiran ( kononnya)
then baru juga selesai mentransferkan gambar dari external hard disk chun 
yang gambar2 korea dah berzaman tu..will try to share a bit picture of me with the snow :)
bit by bit the snow is falling down and yet is hoping gonna fall heavily   
 then, another picture of us playing snow....... ^_^
We <3 IIUM 

Thank You ALLAH for  giving us the happines..

snow..Alhamdulillah for the gift!

trying to make snowball and specially captured for my sister :P of the memories that we love the most!


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